Version 2

He hangs
From his own tree,
The negative version

The one
Without whom,
In whom.

His isolation
Is greater,
More forsaken.

Time moves round him,
A mythical figure
As he sways.

The money
Is pointless.
From here

To the terrible
Centuries, the ghettos
And the camps,

The children
Hushed into gas chambers.

A kind of hero,
Reminding Jesus that he,
Too, betrays something.

The whole turning away.
Who was Judas’ mother?
Judas’ father?

It’s not recorded
How they felt
Taking him down,

The shameful suicide
Who nobody helped,
Nobody caught in mid-fall.

7 thoughts on “Judas

  1. Here we have to do with the very difficult issue of the Gospel: did Judas betray Christ according to the God’s Will or Permit? For nothing could happen WITHOUT God’s Will or Permit… But it is beyond the acumen of any mortal…

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    1. Yes indeed – an intractable problem of evil.
      What triggered the poem was the similarity of Judas’s death to that of Jesus in terms of imagery. And how Judas functions as a sort of negative twin of Jesus in historic Christian iconography – an anti-semitic dark Jewish figure – Jesus’s Jewish shadow, if you like.

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  2. All of us dislike evil as applied to ourselves (its abusive forms especially), but create a lot of evil in the form of indifference, cowardice, lies (boasting), envy, jealousy, ingratitude, despondency, pride, and arrogance… that it would be difficult to recognize us as Christ followers, but not Judas’ progeny…


    1. My interest was the way in which – in historic Christian iconography – Jesus is represented as an idealised figure and Judas as a demonised one.
      It also feels as though he is portrayed as both very Jewish – in contrast to Jesus who somehow becomes ‘not Jewish’ – and also portrayed in a very unforgiving way.

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  3. We shouldn’t forget that Jesus has been God and Man, Whose Eternal Father has not had any nationality, while ALL APOSTLES have been just ordinary mortals (until the Holy Ghost had come upon them), and even St.Peter had betrayed his God and Teacher thrice…
    Any of us could become Judas – without God’s help… That’s the nature of a fallen human…
    The difference between the best human and God is infinite: that’s why Jesus is idealised and portrayed as if less Jewish in ancient and modern iconography (for God is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and has no NATIONALITY).

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