My Novel & Kindle & Stuff

Well I’ve crept along to the next page of my Kindle e-publication. God this feels so counter-intuitive. For all of my loudness, indiscretion, and social awkwardness – I sometimes wonder if I have an Asperger’s diagnosis – I am actually a preposterously shy person. A terrified neurotic.

But nevertheless, it’s getting there. After submitting the manuscript to numerous agents – and getting replies that ranged from the encouraging (Curtis Brown) to the no-reply-at-all (many, who shall be nameless), I shall now try Kindling my novel.

It will at least feel like the completion of a process. I am also intending to publish on other platforms – but Kindle is a start. Writing the blurb has been surprisingly fun.

But a cover? Oh yes?

And as I have purchased a few ISBNs, shall I call myself a publisher? What name? Now that’s something it might be fun to ponder.

Looks beautiful out, from the window beside me, but there’s a cold wind. I’m thinking of my friend with benefits in Scotland and wanting to escape up there. At least start messaging with him.

But – hey – it’s good to do something counter-intuitive isn’t it? In fact, essential.

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